The Marketplace of Ideas?

One of the best discussions of the role of the classroom that I have seen in quite some time appeared yesterday on the Free Exchange on Campus blog. Kurt Smith, a professor of Philosophy at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania makes the point that the "marketplace of ideas" concept of the classroom (as used by the … Continue reading The Marketplace of Ideas?

Oh, That Silly Little Horowitz

David Horowitz is at it again. Actually, he never stopped. I simply got bored with him and his predictably ill-thought comments and his dying campaign to bring legislative control to public universities through his Newspeak-named “Academic Bill of Rights.”Today, his target is Free Exchange on Campus, “a coalition of faculty, student, and civil rights organizations … Continue reading Oh, That Silly Little Horowitz


One of the facts of American education that David Horowitz dearly longs to change is that university policies aren’t laws. The title of a new piece, “Breaking the Law at Penn State,” that he co-authored with Jacob Laskin, refers to a reaffirmation of student rights that Horowitz wants to claim credit for, though it is … Continue reading "Researchiness"

What "Everyone Knows"

If you say something often enough, it becomes what “everyone knows.” That, at least, is part of David Horowitz’s strategy in attacking the American left.On his blog he now claims:everyone knows that there is an academic blacklist that has practically elminated [sic] conservatives from university faculties; since everyone who has been on a campus knows … Continue reading What "Everyone Knows"