We Can Have (and Believe in) Both!

In the Preface to Androcles and the Lion, George Bernard Shaw notes the ability of people to hold contradictory ideas as true at once:As the gospels stand, St. Matthew and St. Luke give genealogies (the two are different) establishing the descent of Jesus through Joseph from the royal house of David, and yet declare that … Continue reading We Can Have (and Believe in) Both!

"A Star Is Born"?

One small pleasure of mine is careless language. “A canary in a minefield,” “a hard road to hoe,” and “to all intensive purposes” can always make me chuckle, no matter how often I hear them. In addition, I love the dying metaphor, described by George Orwell in “Politics and the English Language”:A newly invented metaphor … Continue reading "A Star Is Born"?

David Horowitz Melts Down

On his FrontPage Magazine today, David Horowitz begins an article entitled “Intellectual Muggings” with this:George Orwell began one of the most famous essays in the English language with this observation: “In Moulmein, in Burma, I was hated by large numbers of people. It was the only time in my life that I have been important … Continue reading David Horowitz Melts Down