Hillary "Remembers" and We Forget

On Christmas Day, 1985, I happened into a war. It wasn’t much of one, really, but it included kids trying to sell us (I was traveling with a friend) what they claimed were pieces of the bomb that had fallen on a cattle market, a bomb that had signaled the start of hostilities; bullets fluttering … Continue reading Hillary "Remembers" and We Forget

Democrats: "Now Is the Time to Come to the Aid of the Party"

Let me start with this: I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. Her husband does look a little better in retrospect and by comparison to his successor, but I never really liked him all that much. His “triangulation” seemed to look more to personal than national success. And I see much the same in his … Continue reading Democrats: "Now Is the Time to Come to the Aid of the Party"

How Many Times Do We Have to Tell You?

Wasn't it Tolstoy who believed that “leaders” simply follow from in front?For the second time, we have a victory in a Democratic primary where a candidate won by a margin well beyond what the polls predicted.Why?Today, on the television gobble-fests, we'll be given reason after reason why. In every case—mark my words—the focus will be … Continue reading How Many Times Do We Have to Tell You?

Again, with the Narrative

Once more, the American commercial news media have created a story and then reported it as “news.”How long, just how long can this go on?Polls, the day before the New Hampshire primary, show Hillary Clinton suddenly dropping far behind Barack Obama. Clinton has an emotional moment before the primary. She wins the primary. Suddenly, we … Continue reading Again, with the Narrative

The New Hampshire Debates

Last night, for the first time, I watched the debates on television. Aside from the Facebook fooforall and something irrelevant called the “Spin Room,” I even found the presentation reasonable—though the guy from ABC (the host of their evening news—which I never watch) clearly knows little about the lives or incomes of much of America … Continue reading The New Hampshire Debates