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Society, Education, and John Dewey

Cross-posted from the Academe blog: Wesleyan University president Michael Roth wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times that appeared yesterday. Titled “Learning as Freedom,” it brings us back to John Dewey and… Continue reading

“Objectivity” As a Barrier to Education: Teaching Intellectual Responsibility and the Role of the Citizen

Often, when people wonder if American higher education might follow the fate of journalism, falling victim to inability to adapt to new technological milieux, they are thinking in terms of money and its… Continue reading

The Daily Us

Perhaps Nicholas Kristof (whom I do admire) hasn’t been keeping up with his John Dewey. In today’s New York Times, he writes: When we go online, each of us is our own editor,… Continue reading

The Public Good

Want to get depressed? Read Chris Hedges’ piece over at TruthDig entitled “The Idiots Who Rule America.” His article resonates with me in part because of my interest in what Jürgen Habermas calls… Continue reading

On the Teaching of Writing, No. 2

An email response to my post earlier this week on the teaching of writing got me thinking about the relation between the teaching of basic writing, in particular, and the Habermasian public sphere.… Continue reading