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A Few Pictures of Mali

On the Niger River near Gao, Mali, 1989 The mud mosque at Djenne, Mali, 1986 A Tuareg woman setting up house near Tombouctou, Mali, 1986 On in Niger River Near Gao, Mali, 1989

Azawad, Mali and?

In Niafunke, Mali, after purchasing my first turban, which a Tamachek man had just taught me to wrap. 1986. Though I haven’t spent all that much time in Mali (perhaps three weeks, in… Continue reading

Turning Back, Turning Point: Fiction

The bustle of Ouahigouya had gone. Even the hurrying soldiers had disappeared. The shops, so busy so recently, were shuttered, the marché vacant. No youths peddled cigarettes on the wide, empty streets or… Continue reading

To Tombouctou

We left in the back of a Land Rover, me sitting next to a 55-gallon drum, extra gas (no place to fill up until Tombouctou). Unfortunately, the stopper didn’t seal well, splashing me… Continue reading

A Treat from Edward Weston…

…followed by a little something of my own. My aunt Anne Barlow Nygren, a former dancer, and her husband Jim got this photograph sometime in the 1950s, I expect. The photograph itself is… Continue reading

Pictures of West Africa

As I prepare for classes and have little time for writing at present, I thought I would share a few snapshots of West Africa. The first was taken in April, 2007 in St.… Continue reading


The first Tuaregs I saw were shadowy figures in long robes, sometimes wearing turbans, trying to sell cheap, blunt swords and knives sheathed in leather, cassette cases and other boxes, also leather covered,… Continue reading