Azawad, Mali and?

In Niafunke, Mali, after purchasing my first turban, which a Tamachek man had just taught me to wrap. 1986.Though I haven't spent all that much time in Mali (perhaps three weeks, in total), the country has been important to me. When I first tried to go there, crossing from Ouahigouya in Burkina Faso to get … Continue reading Azawad, Mali and?

Turning Back, Turning Point: Fiction

The bustle of Ouahigouya had gone. Even the hurrying soldiers had disappeared. The shops, so busy so recently, were shuttered, the marché vacant. No youths peddled cigarettes on the wide, empty streets or lounged in the doorways, no women sold soap from hand-made stands in front of family compounds. No children peeped out from entranceways. … Continue reading Turning Back, Turning Point: Fiction