Intellectual or Polemicist? Or Both?

Mark Bauerlein, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, makes a claim that when “we assess intellectuals, we enter a rarified habitat of books and ideas.” His article, entitled “How Academe Shortchanges Conservative Thinking,” is rather a head-scratcher. Or it is until one realizes that he means any book and any idea.Trying to set up … Continue reading Intellectual or Polemicist? Or Both?

Squabbling Professors

Squabbles: don’t you love them? Generally, they reduce themselves to one side telling the other what the other first said. Then they turn into nothing more than “did not/did too.” Case in point: rather than adding anything to the “debate” (to use the word loosely) over leftist influence on academia, Mark Bauerlein, himself a professor … Continue reading Squabbling Professors