Prague, 1968: Memory #2

In this, the second piece in a series that will, I hope, cover the entire year of 1968 through my own experiences, I write of my departure from Prague, a couple of weeks before the arrival of the Russian troops who displaced the power of the Dubcek regime.  I hope I am, finally, beginning to discover … Continue reading Prague, 1968: Memory #2

A Brooklyn Tale

We watched A Bronx Tale on TV last night.  It made me remember something that happened about fifteen years ago and the tale I learned as back-story.My cafe and store, Shakespeare's Sister, had been open a couple of years.  It sat on the border of the neighborhoods Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens in what used … Continue reading A Brooklyn Tale

Memories of Appalachia

In reaction to the recent renewal of disparaging remarks about Appalachian culture (some nearly calling the “Scots-Irish” the basis for all that’s wrong with this country) by way too many people (including the novelist Jane Smiley), I want to begin to share here my boyhood memories of life in the mountains of North Carolina. Though … Continue reading Memories of Appalachia