Academic Blogging As a Career Move

It's a bit difficult for me, who has only been a full-time academic for eight years, to give advice without blushing. But I have sat on my department's Appointments Committee for three years, now, and I have learned a thing or two... or hope I have.When I finally took a full-time teaching job in 2004, … Continue reading Academic Blogging As a Career Move

“Objectivity” As a Barrier to Education: Teaching Intellectual Responsibility and the Role of the Citizen

Often, when people wonder if American higher education might follow the fate of journalism, falling victim to inability to adapt to new technological milieux, they are thinking in terms of money and its impact. The financial structures of protected and centralized institutions can collapse when product becomes cheaply and widely available, both for creation and … Continue reading “Objectivity” As a Barrier to Education: Teaching Intellectual Responsibility and the Role of the Citizen

The Public Intellectual

Writing in the New York Times today, Michael Bérubé, professor at Penn State and once perhaps the preeminent academic blogger in the country (he has since turned to other activities), addresses the child rape scandal from the perspective of the faculty. In doing so, he faced a difficult task: as Paterno Family Professor of Literature, … Continue reading The Public Intellectual

They’ve Pushed Us Too Far

Over the past forty years, the right has worked hard at developing strategies that would allow them to control public discussion in America. Long before Democrats figured out what was happening, the right had learned to frame the debate by controlling the terminology. They were slick, so slick that millions of Americans, in election after … Continue reading They’ve Pushed Us Too Far

"Why We Fight"

A Review of What's Liberal About the Liberal Arts?: Classroom Politics and "Bias" in Higher Education by Michael BérubéSee the full review at the ePluribus Media Journal.Today, the liberal tradition is in peril; the very attitudes providing its underpinning are in danger of disappearing.  Much of its past success can be linked to a certain … Continue reading "Why We Fight"

Academic Freedom? Which One?

All right. I admit it.David Horowitz isn’t the only one who hasn’t a clue about what “academic freedom” really means. A lot of faculty members don’t either.John Friedl makes that clear in a piece that appears today at InsideHigherEd called “Stretching the Definition of Academic Freedom.” What makes his point particularly important to me (though … Continue reading Academic Freedom? Which One?

What "Everyone Knows"

If you say something often enough, it becomes what “everyone knows.” That, at least, is part of David Horowitz’s strategy in attacking the American left.On his blog he now claims:everyone knows that there is an academic blacklist that has practically elminated [sic] conservatives from university faculties; since everyone who has been on a campus knows … Continue reading What "Everyone Knows"