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The Swan Song of N. Leroy Gingrich (version 2.0)

May the ghost of T. S. Eliot forgive me. I first wrote this a little more than a year ago. This is a slightly revised version… a little better, I hope. Let us go… Continue reading

The Swan Song of N. Leroy Gingrich

May the ghost of T. S. Eliot forgive me. Let us go then, you and I, Before Right politics passes both of us by Like a patient etherized upon a table; Let us… Continue reading

Song Parody: Pack Up You Dollars

Many on the right say that they want smaller government, but their politicians have yet to prove that they agree. When they get in, the government grows and spends. And what does it… Continue reading

It’s All Over Now, Alberto, You

OK, OK. I’ll admit it: Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” is a beautiful song. But does that stop me from parodying it? Not on your life! It’s All Over Now,… Continue reading

Anything You Can Do

With the death of Betty Hutton last weekend, we’ve all been hearing, over and over, her rendition (along with Howard Keel) of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” from the movie… Continue reading

Ah! Success!

I seem to have developed a fan club of sorts, a small group of rightwingers who are angered enough by what I write to return again and again to this blog–driving my numbers… Continue reading

Cheney: "I Am a Crock"

Yesterday, in a comment on a post of another parody poem in a post of it on The Daily Kos, I was asked if I could do one on Dick Cheney.  I did,… Continue reading

George Bush Is "No Man"

Parody poetry has been a bit of a hobby of mine ever since I saw The Brand X Anthology of Poetry, Burnt Norton Edition, edited by William Zaranka (Cambridge, MA: Apple-Wood Books, 1981)… Continue reading