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Review of Hard as Kerosene

Brendan Held has written a kind review of Hard As Kerosene, It can be found here.

Interview for Peace Corps Writers

There’s now an interview relating to my novel Hard as Kerosene up on the Peace Corps Worldwide site. The book is published through the Peace Corps Writers imprint that is part of the Peace… Continue reading

"A Beautiful, Lasting Homage" to Peace Corps

Tony D’Souza has reviewed our book One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo for John Coyne’s “Peace Corps Writers.”

Press Release on One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo

City Tech’s Aaron Barlow Marks 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps With New Book Focused on Volunteers’ Experiences in Africa Brooklyn, NY — May 18, 2011 — The Peace Corps is celebrating its 50th… Continue reading

Hidden Peace Corps

Please don’t get me wrong: I love Peace Corps.  I think it provides something to the Volunteers and to the world–and to the United States, specifically–that little else ever can. But that doesn’t… Continue reading

This Is the Picture…

…I took just seconds before the elephant charged up the small hill I was standing on. I still have the Yashica-D twin-lens reflex camera I took this with.  The Leica that took the… Continue reading

"One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo"

Jane Albritton, series editor and guiding force behind the “Peace Corps @ 50” series, tells me that the publisher is about to send the proofs of One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo… Continue reading

The Peace Corps Legacy

The death of Sargent Shriver reminds me once more of what government can do, when its people rise above parsimony and act as though they believe in themselves, their country, and the world.… Continue reading

Why I Teach

[Crossposted from Free Exchange on Campus] When I was in Peace Corps, I taught farmers the rudiments of using oxen for plowing. I did this at an instruction center in the north of… Continue reading