"One Or Two Hard Feelings"

Sunday morning, for the second week, the New York Times arrived in print.  With a certain nostalgia, I reenacted something I had given up years ago, separating out the magazine, the book review, and the Week in Review for relaxed reading over the next few days.  The Week in Review came first, the op-eds to … Continue reading "One Or Two Hard Feelings"

Ah! Success!

I seem to have developed a fan club of sorts, a small group of rightwingers who are angered enough by what I write to return again and again to this blog--driving my numbers up each day for the past week or so.What makes them really bonkers is that I moderate comments on this blog, and … Continue reading Ah! Success!

They’ve Pushed Us Too Far

Over the past forty years, the right has worked hard at developing strategies that would allow them to control public discussion in America. Long before Democrats figured out what was happening, the right had learned to frame the debate by controlling the terminology. They were slick, so slick that millions of Americans, in election after … Continue reading They’ve Pushed Us Too Far