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The Full-Length Mirror of Philip K. Dick

Ending today, Simon Critchley has presented a three-part series on Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis on the Opinion page of The New York Times. As I have used Dick’s writings to illuminate points in each… Continue reading

The School of Teaching Without Teaching, Part II

This morning, before leaving for school, I responded to Thomas Friedman’s piece in today’s New York Times. I wrote quickly. Though today is “reading day” before final exams, I am responsible for a… Continue reading

Fake Humans, Fake Realities, Real Children

Dear Sherry Turkle, Let me start with a little story: A couple of years ago, I gave a talk at a small conference on technology.  During it, I referenced your book The Inner… Continue reading

"Mr. Watson… Come here–I want to see you"

Philip K. Dick’s questioning title, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? isn’t feeling quite so whimsical these days.  It’s not that IBM’s new Watson can dream, or that David Gerrold’s Harley really has… Continue reading

The Product as Process: Implications of New-Media Publication

What follows is the text of a short talk I will give as part of a roundtable on Saturday, March 21 at the New Jersey College English Association Annual Conference, Jubilee Hall, Seton… Continue reading