Secrecy Is Not Privacy

And discretion isn't either one.We're mixing discussion, these days (though when did we not?). Wikileaks seems to be bringing a lot of fears into the open... both real and imagined. But we do need to keep our discussions to their topics.We've also a lot of unexamined assumptions running around: "Governments need secrecy." "Privacy is a … Continue reading Secrecy Is Not Privacy

The Return of Discretion?

Discretion: avoiding offense and protecting privacy. Discretion, or rather lack of it, is at the heart of the Wikileaks free-for-all. And, against what one might expect, it's not the discretion of Julian Assange that's in question. (In fact, the whole Assange to-do is more of a sideshow than anything else: if it hadn't been he, … Continue reading The Return of Discretion?