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Want to Understand the Tea Party? Look to How They See Themselves

This map comes from the U.S.Census Bureau (and thanks, Rodger Cunningham, for alerting me to it). It is based on self-reporting on the 2000 census. What is fascinating to me is the number of… Continue reading

What Is Behind the Shutdown… and Why Is the Tea Party So Unapologetic?

What happens when there are two major cultures in a country, and one feels that, though they represent the real spirit of the country, they are being pretty much ignored by its rulers?… Continue reading

The Resilience on the Right

My grandfather once told me that I could be proud that no one in our family had been in jail or on the county. I’m not sure which he thought was worse, being… Continue reading

Trust, Education, and the Irony of the Tea Party

Andrew Milton, of the blog Speaking of Education, writes: law, contracts, lawyers and all have come to be the mechanism by which problems get solved. One result is that we more and more… Continue reading

Inside the Net

For a quarter of a century, I generally traveled rough. Not at the level of the homeless, but close enough to share, occasionally, their sleeping places, their means of getting about, their ways… Continue reading