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When Will They Ever Learn?

In the 1950s and early 1960s, my father was involved in exploring possibilities of programmed instruction and teaching machines.  In 1961, I remember rewards of a quarter as I participated as a subject… Continue reading

A Little Ranting

What have we done? Today, intellectual exploration is reduced to a game of Trivial Pursuits. ‘Right’ answers are rewarded and ‘wrong’ ones are simply eliminated–at best, they are ignored, not explored.  Finding the… Continue reading

But Why Do We Bash Teachers?

Dave Eggers and Ninive Clements Calegari, in an otherwise excellent op-ed in today’s New York Times, ignore one important question: Why do we, as Americans, so loathe our teachers? Eggers and Calegari are… Continue reading

No More Teachers?

At the start of “Good-bye, Teacher… “ Fred Keller quotes one version of that old doggerel: Good-bye scholars, good-bye school;Good-bye teacher, darned old fool! I learned it as: Good-bye pencils, good-bye books;Good-bye teachers’… Continue reading