CUNY Matters on The Rise of the Blogosphere

Praise is difficult to manage--for me, at least. Generally, I look around to see who is being talked about. Can't be me or my work! When my work is compared with what I see others doing, I'm generally awed or abashed. Knowing a little of what it takes to produce even small books like mine, … Continue reading CUNY Matters on The Rise of the Blogosphere

On the Teaching of Writing, No. 2

An email response to my post earlier this week on the teaching of writing got me thinking about the relation between the teaching of basic writing, in particular, and the Habermasian public sphere. No, that’s not quite true: it got me thinking more.The book I recently completed, though not dealing directly with basic writing, has … Continue reading On the Teaching of Writing, No. 2

Done, Done, Done!!!

My book, The Rise of the Blogosphere: American Backgrounds to a Twenty-First Century Media Phenomenon is on its way to my editor—seventeen days late but, hey!Inspired by Jürgen Habermas’s The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, I trace trends in American journalism from the time of Benjamin Franklin to the present. My thesis is that … Continue reading Done, Done, Done!!!