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Don’t Include Me in Your We, Stanley Fish

Stanley Fish has noticed that both David Horowitz and Ward Churchill (and Norman Finkelstein and Cornell West, among others) are conservatives when it comes to education. Well, yes. This has been one of… Continue reading

Academic Freedom and Yoo

[Crossposted from Free Exchange on Campus] My grandfather stopped working as a defense attorney when he realized he could not provide adequate defense for people he knew were guilty. The bastards, he deeply… Continue reading

Which Is More Important: Teaching or Politics?

It’s galling to (1) find oneself quoted positively in a story posted on David Horowitz’s propaganda site (though they now seem to have taken the story down: It can still be found at… Continue reading

Last Thoughts on Ward Churchill?

Well, as expected, Ward Churchill was fired yesterday. I don’t know how I feel about it. Certainly, I have never been a supporter of his, but the whole brouhaha disturbs me greatly. Academia… Continue reading

What About the Next Ward Churchill?

[The follwing was written for Free Exchange on Campus about the case of Ward Churchill, who will probably lose his job teaching at the University of Colorado at Boulder tomorrow.] It’s rather too… Continue reading

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities: Academic Freedom in a Changing Cultural Climate

What follows is the first of three lectures I delivered last week as part of the 2007 Anderson Conference at Portland Community College in Oregon Though even solid principles must sometimes change to… Continue reading

Warrior Culture

In his book A History of Warfare (New York: Knopf, 1993), John Keegan writes of the position of Carl von Clauswitz, whose On War remains a key work to many of the thinkers… Continue reading

Oh, Those Awful Professors!

Thanks to Penn State Professor Aldon Lynn Nielsen’s blog HeatStrings, I learned about The American Council of Trustees and Alumni and its new “study” entitled “How Many Ward Churchills?” that appeared last month.… Continue reading