West Africa’s Illusory Development

Twenty-two  years ago, I sat on a bench in Lomé, Togo watching a stream of people running in anger toward the central marketplace. Moments later, black smoke was billowing from the market. Soon, the panicked crowd was moving in the other direction as police reacted to the rioting. The government of Gnassingbé Eyadéma, controlled by … Continue reading West Africa’s Illusory Development

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Gaining

Chapter Thirty-Six can be found here.As dawn came, urban, almost European Abidjan rose ahead of them, showing off its multi-story buildings, highways, modern stores, banks, and hotels. So distinct from Bobo, or Ouahigouya, or Mopti, all essentially still African cities. Paul, still half drunk and completely exhausted, and having slept for a couple of hours, … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Seven: Gaining

Chapter Thirty-Two: Building

Chapter Thirty-One can be found here.The AfroProg administrator shrugged.  “You’ll have to work with what you can find.  But you should be good at that, after Peace Corps.  You shouldn’t need anyone to hold your hand.”  His expression softened.  “Look, a reforestation after-project was written into the initial grant.  Unfortunately, after your salary, and a … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Two: Building