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Review of Hard as Kerosene

Brendan Held has written a kind review of Hard As Kerosene, It can be found here.

West Africa’s Illusory Development

Twenty-two  years ago, I sat on a bench in Lomé, Togo watching a stream of people running in anger toward the central marketplace. Moments later, black smoke was billowing from the market. Soon,… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Beginning

Chapter Thirty-Eight can be found here. As he got out of the taxi and walked over to where the driver had told him he could find a bus to Ghana, Paul wondered just… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Returning

Chapter Thirty-Seven can be found here. The paved road, Paul and Gilly found once they got to it on their way back from Nazinga, was blocked. A cordon of uniformed men stood on… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Gaining

Chapter Thirty-Six can be found here. As dawn came, urban, almost European Abidjan rose ahead of them, showing off its multi-story buildings, highways, modern stores, banks, and hotels. So distinct from Bobo, or… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Six: Losing

Chapter Thirty-Five can be found here. “So you’re not worried by riding on the back with me driving?” Paul attached his camera bag to his backpack and handed it to Gillian, who was… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Five: Advancing

 Chapter Thirty-Four can be found here. The train pulled slowly into the station just after seven, almost exactly at dusk, hours late, but no more than expected, given the attitudes of the others… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Four: Breaking

Chapter Thirty-Three can be found here. None of the supply stores in Ouaga had seen anything like the parts Paul presented to them.  One, finally found a diagram matching one of the pieces… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Three: Talking

Chapter Thirty-Two can be found here. War or not the train would leave for Abidjan sometime in the late afternoon.  Or so they were informed once they arrived at the station.  At least,… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-Two: Building

Chapter Thirty-One can be found here. The AfroProg administrator shrugged.  “You’ll have to work with what you can find.  But you should be good at that, after Peace Corps.  You shouldn’t need anyone… Continue reading