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Chapter Thirty-One: Slowing

Chapter Thirty can be found here. He didn’t remember getting to bed, didn’t remember anything after the police gave him his passport back, but at least he did wake up in the hotel… Continue reading

Chapter Thirty: Bouncing

Chapter Twenty-Nine can be found here. Paul was the only member of his stage who COS’d exactly on the day planned two years before.  Some of the other teachers had left earlier, for… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Considering

Chapter Twenty-Eight can be found here. Though he ached through his legs and forearms and was beginning to stiffen, Paul forced himself up from the bed and jumped in the shower before Sam… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Exploding

Chapter Twenty-Seven can be found here. Tombouctou’s large central well, dug in sand, lacks straight walls.  In fact, it is so wide as a result that people have to walk down into it… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Continuing

Chapter Twenty-Six can be found here: Paul and Sam reached the paved road at Boromo as afternoon turned toward dusk, needing gas once again and much more tired, thirsty, and hungry than they… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Six: Learning

Chapter Twenty-Five can be found here. “You know, of course, that we have a training starting in three weeks, with a large complement of teachers.”  The Peace Corps Director, a friendly, pudgy man… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Five: Stopping

Chapter Twenty-Four can be found here. They made it past Tougon without problem.  Paul took them off the road again as they neared the town, slipping around so they could continue on to… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Four: Passing

Chapter Twenty-Three can be found here. Eric took Paul to meet the man who was running the American Cultural Center as soon as the fall semester started.  He told him, when they arrived,… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Three: Pushing

[Chapter Twenty-Two can be found here.] After a time, back on the road, the motorcycle bouncing over ditches, washboard, sand patches and dry puddles, pitch of Paul’s small two-cycle engine began to numb… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Two: Masking

 [Chapter Twenty-One can be found here.] Making good, finally, to a promise he had made the first day they had met, Eric introduced Paul to the mask-maker he had called the best in… Continue reading