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Chapter Twenty-One: Retreating

[Chapter Twenty can be found here.] The piste brought them into sight of the road perhaps half a kilometer down from the gendarme post where they had left the motorcycle.  Rather than resting… Continue reading

Chapter Twenty: Arriving

[Chapter Nineteen can be found here.] The first thing Paul had bought for his new room was a lock.  Eric had suggested that when Paul told him he’d found a room, and where.… Continue reading

Chapter Nineteen: Flowing

[Chapter Eighteen can be found here.] Paul and Sam walked in the direction they had been pointed by the men with guns behind them.  The ground was nearly bare and the growth too… Continue reading

Chapter Eighteen: Clearing

[Chapter Seventeen can be found here.] That night, again sleeping chaste next to Lori, Paul awoke to an incredible urgency in his bowels, and also in his stomach.  He grabbed something to wrap… Continue reading

Chapter Seventeen: Crawling

[Chapter Sixteen can be found here.] They rode on slowly, still at the side of the growing crowd of refugees, Paul using his feet, one then the other, to keep them upright, Sam… Continue reading

Chapter Sixteen: Crossing

[Chapter Fifteen can be found here.] The Peugeot diesel engine that had been dropped into the red truck a couple of years earlier started immediately the next morning, much to Eric’s professed surprise. … Continue reading

Chapter Fifteen: Turning

 [Chapter Fourteen can be found here.] Turning back, they saw that the bustle of Ouahigouya had disappeared.  Even the hurrying soldiers were gone.  The shops, so recently so busy, were shuttered, the marché… Continue reading

Chapter Fourteen: Traveling

[Chapter Thirteen can be found here.] On his own for the first time since he’d arrived in Africa, Paul looked out of the bus window and wondered if he could actually manage to… Continue reading

Chapter Thirteen: Realizing

[Chapter Twelve can be found here.] Shortly after dawn, Paul and Sam, who now was somewhat recovered from his fears of the night before and a little more confident—though the rock-like feel that… Continue reading

Chapter Twelve: Exploring

[Chapter Eleven can be found here.] When he returned alone to the Mango Bar later that evening, El’s equilibrium seemed restored, restored most emphatically compared to the near wreck Paul had spent the… Continue reading