Secrecy Is Not Privacy

And discretion isn't either one.We're mixing discussion, these days (though when did we not?). Wikileaks seems to be bringing a lot of fears into the open... both real and imagined. But we do need to keep our discussions to their topics.We've also a lot of unexamined assumptions running around: "Governments need secrecy." "Privacy is a … Continue reading Secrecy Is Not Privacy

Muddling with Privacy

Two things I have read over the last couple of days are rattling against each other in my head, though there's no overt connection. The first, from a CNN series on ”The End of Privacy”, presents a putative new way of being:Like some tech early-adopters these days, [Louis] Gray thinks privacy is a dying concept.... … Continue reading Muddling with Privacy

Just Another Wikileaks Blog Post

The neat thing about all of the Wikileaks stuff this past week is that everyone has an opinion.Everyone knows what's right about it, and what's wrong.Not that anyone agrees with anyone.Or will agree with me:Though the attempts at “cyberwarfare” (how grandiose!) by the group Anonymous look childish and, quite frankly, technologically unsophisticated (clogging up the … Continue reading Just Another Wikileaks Blog Post