CUNY at the Turning Point

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New York City College of Technology, the City University of New York campus where I teach, has now spent more than a decade a decade improving itself on…

No Laughing Matter: Pseudo-Journalism and Its Impact on American Politics

Remember Jeff Gannon? Probably not. He caused a minor furor during the W. administration: Conning his way into the White House press corps, Gannon (his real name is James Guckert) managed to ask… Continue reading

Reclaiming the Value of the Humanities

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Maybe we can blame it all on Sputnik. Sixty years ago, next year, the Russians panicked the Americans via satellite… literally. Suddenly, research had to be sped up…

A Hundred Miles Down the Road

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From the editorial of the May/June 2016 issue of Academe: At the end of his epic trilogy U.S.A., John Dos Passos writes: “A hundred miles down the road. Head…

Why the AAUP Should Censure Mizzou’s Board for Firing Melissa Click

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The AAUP today issued a report on the University of Missouri, condemning the Board’s decision to fire Melissa Click. The full report is well worth reading, and I have…

Book Review: “Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy” by Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber

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  One of my favorite songs by the novelist/songwriter Richard Fariña (whose life was cut tragically short by a motorcycle accident) is called “Mainline Prosperity Blues.” It ends…


When Industrial Age technology began to catch up with the printing trade, several things happened. One of these was the splitting of a single profession into several. Though there had been compositors and… Continue reading

‘Punch with Care’

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BY AARON BARLOW Every discipline falls into a pattern of standard practice; every few years each must reassess. The same is true for the institutions that house them.…

Book Review: Kembrew McLeod’s “Blondie’s Parallel Lines”

I think I remember watching Sandy Bull sit in with jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and his band at the Five Spot on St. Marks Place in 1975—on oud. Bull, with a ranging style… Continue reading

Forget the Man: Look at Trump’s Supporters

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The focus of discussion on Donald Trump is, understandably, the man himself—but the phenomenon of his success arises elsewhere. What Gertrude Stein said about Oakland, that “there is…