The Land of Perfect Journalism

In a joking story about the land of perfect justice, a tailor is convicted of doing something that, he says, that any tailor would have done. As he was a very tall tailor… Continue reading

Complications and the Confederacy

The Confederate battle flag and guns for prom photos? Texas thinking the US is going to invade? For the American South, as William Faulkner wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even… Continue reading

The Real “Snowdens of Yesteryear”

The people who exasperate us the most are those we fear we’re most like. Like most teachers, I often feel I’m ‘all hat and no cattle,’ that I’m playing a part but without… Continue reading

Let’s Stop Blaming “Culture” for Poverty

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“Rich families are all alike; every poor family is poor in its own way.” Writers on poverty in America might want to inscribe this over their computers. Even…

Culling the Faculty… Part II

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Yesterday, I posted without comment the text of a bill proposed by Iowa State Senator Mark Chelgren. The bill is so absurd that it had absolutely no chance…

Culling the Iowa Faculty

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This proposed bill in the Iowa legislature reaches far past the abilities of my ‘word horde’: Senate File 64 – Introduced SENATE FILE 64 BY CHELGREN A BILL…

“Look Outside the Window”

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Is this what it is like to be making a mess of your life? Where does it all lead? Can one turn that mess around? Those of us…

Private Language and the Public Sphere

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After the 1980 Republican convention, Ronald Reagan headed for Philadelphia, Mississippi where he affirmed his commitment to states’ rights. There was nothing overtly racial about his speech, but…

No Apology for Business

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Benjamin Franklin includes  this list in his 1731 “Apology for Printers”: I request all who are angry with me on the Account of printing things they don’t like,…

Teach or Perish

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If the dateline on this story had been a day later, I would not believe it (hat tip to Diane Ravitch for linking to it): “Bill would require all…