Challenging Our Students and Ourselves

Yesterday, in class, I showed my students an old clip of Jon Stewart with Tucker Carlson on Crossfire. It’s from 2004, but it has relevancy now. That CNN show, as Stewart points out, was… Continue reading

Stop disparaging professors. They work for a better America

Yesterday, I posted an expanded version of “Stop Disparaging Professors. They Work for a Better America” on I added, in particular, mentions of a number of professors in the public sphere, including… Continue reading

Too Perfect?

Maybe it was just too perfect a topic for my classes today. Certainly, though, I couldn’t resist. It had everything. It had: Topicality that would keep students interested; Relationship to our university system… Continue reading

Last Call for Alcohol?

Amazingly, there is still one unmentionable in l’Affaire Kavanaugh: the role of alcohol. That’s not surprising, for American culture has still to come to terms with alcohol or with the culpability of the drunk.… Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath and Count to Ten

We’ve got a problem in talking to each other. It’s an old problem, codified on the right by David Horowitz in his The Art of Political War. It has been turned into armor… Continue reading

Stop disparaging professors. They work for a better America

An essay of mine has appeared in the Houston Chronicle. Here are the first paragraphs and a link: The professors are coming! As conservative polemicist David Horowitz would have it, American college teachers long… Continue reading

Ceilidh: It’s All About the Fiddle

The heart of the Ceilidh is the fiddle–at least that’s so on Prince Edward Island in Canada’s Maritime.

Apology for Platforms

When I was writing The Rise of the Blogosphere in 2006, I puzzled over how to approach Benjamin Franklin’s 1731 “Apology for Printers.” As the book is meant to provide background for the rise of… Continue reading

August 7, 1968: Leaving Czechoslovakia

Originally posted on 1968: Nothing Is Revealed:
One of the towers of the Prague train station. By Jorge Láscar from Australia [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons Sometime this morning in 1968, having…

Putin’s Patriots and the Death of the American Dream

This is from my 2013 book The Cult of Individualism: A History of an Enduring American Myth.  In it, I write about the Borderers, the people of  much of my ancestry, the Scots-Irish who… Continue reading