The Real Un-Americans

OK, OK, you’ve heard this before, but it all bears repeating as the onslaughts against the very basic assumptions of our nation continue, and from the highest offices in our government. Today, all… Continue reading

What "Everyone Knows"

If you say something often enough, it becomes what “everyone knows.” That, at least, is part of David Horowitz’s strategy in attacking the American left. On his blog he now claims: everyone knows… Continue reading

The Rime of the Liberal Weblogger (An Excerpt)

It is a liberal Weblogger,And he stoppeth one of three.`By thy pajamas and glittering eye,Now wherefore stopp’st thou me ? The Bridegroom’s doors are opened wide,And I am next of kin ;The guests… Continue reading

Professionals and the Public Sphere

Last month, I attended (for the first time) the annual Computers & Writing conference that was held, this year, at Texas Technical University in Lubbock. The conference was extremely useful to me (not… Continue reading

"You Can Look It Up"

Thanks, James Thurber. You sure can. And, given the Internet, it’s a lot easier now than it was sixty-five years ago, when your story was published. Fact checking is easy now. Well, easier… Continue reading

Copyright: Only for the Corporations?

Are we headed towards a two-tier copyright system? One that provides protection for corporations and high-profile artists, but leaves everyone else out in the cold? Could be. The Congress is considering copyright changes… Continue reading

Oh, Those Awful Professors!

Thanks to Penn State Professor Aldon Lynn Nielsen’s blog HeatStrings, I learned about The American Council of Trustees and Alumni and its new “study” entitled “How Many Ward Churchills?” that appeared last month.… Continue reading

Hugh Thompson and the Heroes (?) of Haditha

As we learn more about what happened in Haditha (and probably about events elsewhere, even as soldiers at Ishaqi are cleared, even as we consider Abu Ghraib), we need to remember that only… Continue reading

Reshaping the World, One Computer at a Time

In his great 1962 novel The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick imagines a world where the Axis won WWII. An author in that world imagines another world where the Allies… Continue reading

Again, Horowitz Excusing His Mistakes

Last week, David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin published an articled on their Front Page Magazine titled ”Joel Beinin: Apologist for Terrorists.” It has to do with a lawsuit Beinin has brought against the… Continue reading