Plagiarism: “They’ve Always Done It”

On today’s edition (May 20, 2006) of NPR’s On the Media, guest host Mike Pesca (a correspondent for Day to Day) spoke a piece called “Cribbing Through the Ages.” His point was that… Continue reading

Why They Lie

At this point, it cannot be deemed an overstatement to say that the American right suffers from an epidemic of lying. Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter (among others) have been caught red-handed by… Continue reading

Horowitz Lies Again

In an email exchange with Scott Jaschik of, David Horowitz writes: there is still not a single attempt by my opponents to actually respond to the 15,000 word analysis in the introduction… Continue reading

Fish Hooks Horowitz

Stanley Fish has never been a favorite of mine. I first became aware of him when he appeared on a panel at a Modern Language Association convention over twenty years ago. I don’t… Continue reading

Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Richard Cohen writes today that Stephen Colbert’s performance at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner “wasn’t funny.” Cohen’s proof? It includes a claim that he, himself, is funny–and this: He [Colbert] referred to the… Continue reading

Knowledge, Experience, and Viswanathan

As most everyone knows by now, Little, Brown has pulled Kaavya Viswanathan’s novel How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life from stores because of the substantial number of passages… Continue reading

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Years ago, when I was teaching Psychology at a boarding school, I had my students go out into the main circle and count the birds that flew over during a 15-minute period (it… Continue reading

Poor Little Horowitz

Startled by the energetic reaction to his poorly thought and weakly researched recent attack on university professors, David Horowitz has changed tactics, moving from attack (his usual mode) to plaint. He’s sounding like… Continue reading

Q: Why Does the Left Hate America? A: It doesn’t

Daniel Flynn, who spoke last night at Kutztown University, uses that question as the title of a book of his. But the question, of course, is dishonest, as dishonest as “When did you… Continue reading

Lying Right to the End

What I can’t figure out about some of the most prominent people on the right is this: they lie, and know they are lying, but feel they are justified in their lying. In… Continue reading