Just the Facts, Ma’am

Years ago, when I was teaching Psychology at a boarding school, I had my students go out into the main circle and count the birds that flew over during a 15-minute period (it… Continue reading

Poor Little Horowitz

Startled by the energetic reaction to his poorly thought and weakly researched recent attack on university professors, David Horowitz has changed tactics, moving from attack (his usual mode) to plaint. He’s sounding like… Continue reading

Q: Why Does the Left Hate America? A: It doesn’t

Daniel Flynn, who spoke last night at Kutztown University, uses that question as the title of a book of his. But the question, of course, is dishonest, as dishonest as “When did you… Continue reading

Lying Right to the End

What I can’t figure out about some of the most prominent people on the right is this: they lie, and know they are lying, but feel they are justified in their lying. In… Continue reading

Grading "Thuggery"

In his article on Michael Bérubé, “Intellectual Thuggery,” David Horowitz uses 26 footnotes. The breakdown of them is as follows:• 10 from studentsforacademicfreedom.org, one of Horowitz’s own websites;• 4 from frontpagemag.com, Horowitz’s main… Continue reading

Real Research Versus Horowitz "Research"

According to Adam Smeltz, writing in the Centre Daily Times regarding David Horowitz, who was on campus at Penn State yesterday: College Democrats President Alex Smith, said Horowitz does not poll students to… Continue reading

Baby in a Box

Sometimes there’s a kernel of truth in what David Horowitz claims—which is why he is so dangerous. But that truth, if examined carefully, can also turn around and bite him. Twenty years or… Continue reading

Hofstadter on Horowitz

Of course, Richard Hofstadter has been dead for more than thirty-five years, but his book Anti-intellectualism in American Life (New York: Knopf, 1963) can still shed light on David Horowitz and his campaign… Continue reading

Are Databases Killing Research?

Outside of the sciences, the answer may well be “Yes.” But it doesn’t have to be. The shift away from library research, from actual examination of books and journals—or of microfilm that shows… Continue reading

The Footnote Fallacy

Please forgive me if it seems that I have a one-track mind: David Horowitz is not only dangerous and an easy target, but he exemplifies much of what I find wrong with what… Continue reading