Research, Eric Burns, and David Horowitz

It’s our fault, we college teachers: we haven’t kept up with technological changes; we keep giving students assignments assuming students will learn through the process of completing the assignment–forgetting that the process has… Continue reading

Blather As Argument!

David Horowitz responds here to a recent TPMCafe post of mine, a critique of his “Academic Bill of Rights.” His defense can be summed up in the word he uses most often (even… Continue reading

David Horowitz’s Academic Bill of Rights: Restriction or Freedom?

Is it possible to promote academic freedom by forcing professors to present divergent viewpoints—or is that itself an abridgement of academic freedom? On his blog, David Horowitz responds to criticism of his Academic… Continue reading

"Daddy" Becomes "DeLay": A Parody

Sylvia Plath’s poem “Daddy” is one of the most powerful I know–so I am sure it can withstand the abuse I put it to here: DeLay You do not do, you do not… Continue reading

Tierneying Against the Wind(mills)

The discussions about the professors in American universities are getting a little bit silly—at least on the part of the Don Quixotes on the right who see dragons where there are only everyday… Continue reading

An Open Invitation to David Horowitz

What bothers me most about David Horowitz’s jihad against American educational institutions is that it deflects from the very real need for reform within academic faculties. One of the problems facing our colleges… Continue reading

Why David Horowitz Scares Me

In a post on The Daily Kos, I make a comparison between David Horowitz’s new book listing the professors he sees as most dangerous and Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in… Continue reading

David Horowitz, The Professors, blacklist, oppression, Joe McCarthy

In 1950, Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television was published by Counterattack, a “journal” produced by a group of anti-communists including a number of ex-FBI agents.  Red Channels… Continue reading

David Horowitz, Boy Scholar

What astonishes me most about amateur researcher David Horowitz is not simply his ability to twist things, but his audacity in claiming that he has something to say about education that is worth… Continue reading

Horowitz and the Professors: Mapping His Misreading

Behind David Horowitz’s continuing attack on American higher education lies a deliberate misreading of both the purposes and methods of learning. In his latest salvo, a book called The Professors: The 101 Most… Continue reading