Horowitz and the Professors: Mapping His Misreading

Behind David Horowitz’s continuing attack on American higher education lies a deliberate misreading of both the purposes and methods of learning. In his latest salvo, a book called The Professors: The 101 Most… Continue reading

Why the warrantless NSA spying program?

No, this isn’t a new question—and it certainly isn’t an unreasonable one to ask: even the timid White House press corps is willing to put it forward. As a result, the Bush administration… Continue reading

Why Is David Horowitz Attacking Our Universities?

David Horowitz ends a recent op-ed piece in The Los Angeles Times with these words: I believe that the majority of university professors in this country are people of goodwill, and the campaign… Continue reading

The Blade Runner Experience

A new anthology, The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic edited by Will Brooker, has been published by Wallflower Press (distributed in the US by Columbia University Press). Anyone… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Phil Ochs

This is a collection of blogs posted on various sites over the last few days, all on Phil Ochs’ music. You can reach them here. From a Large Circle of Friends to You,… Continue reading

from "Good King Wenceslas"

Good thing now that Scooter’s out of his West Wing office, When the snow lay round about, maybe Karl’ll lose his.Democrats can’t sleep at night; wow that man is cruel!Whenever he perceives a… Continue reading

A Couple of Carols and… Stevie Wonder’s Gonna Kill Me

Oh Little Town of Washington O little town of Washington, How well we see thee lie! Above thy deep and dreamless sheep The silence that you buy; Yet on thy dark deeds knoweth… Continue reading

Stifling Discourse in Academia

The constant pounding at academia by the David Horowitz’s and John Tierney’s is growing: another left-wing professor has been denied tenure, allegedly because of his open left-wing beliefs. This time it is Alan… Continue reading

Renovating Academia, Part V

If I were founding a university I would begin with a smoking room; next a dormitory; and then a decent reading room and a library. After that, if I still had more money… Continue reading

Celebrating American Genius

Look at a silent movie staring Greta Garbo:  You will quickly realize just why she was the biggest star in the world during the silent era.  She did something on screen that no… Continue reading