Let’s Be Blunt

Let me start out by saying that I am not being completely fair, here. But fairness is not my point—warning is. The danger, I believe, is quite real, details notwithstanding. What do we… Continue reading

The Tyranny of the Majority

Bill Frist argues that democracy is voting, and that the filibuster is then inherently anti-democratic. He should know better. After all, as a Princeton graduate he should have at least a passing familiarity… Continue reading

NASCAR AFter Forty Years

Last night, I surprised myself by watching Kurt Busch win the Subway Fresh 500, a NASCAR race in Phoenix. It’s not that I’m some sort of “eastern liberal elite” who looks down on… Continue reading

Don’t Gloat About DeLay; Get Scared

As most of us know, House Majority Whip Tom DeLay is trying to avoid facing his own ethical lapses by attacking others, including the judiciary. This might simply seem humorous (an exterminator with… Continue reading

Monetary Value and Third-World “Development”

Yesterday, I tried to fill out a survey for work, on the economic impact of my employment. I was going along fine—until the survey asked for the number of hours I “volunteer” per… Continue reading

Tempest in a Pie Pan

Anyone familiar with the 1939 Cary Grant film Gunga Din knows that our word “thug” comes from “thuggee,” word for members of a Hindu fundamentalist movement dedicated to sneak attack and murder. Here… Continue reading

Politics and the Classroom: An Attempted Clarification

Though I have long suspected that the clash between the right and (mostly liberal) academia comes from a conflation of issues and expectations, I have not been able to verbalize the problem to… Continue reading

Social Security: Hijacking the Conversation

Recently I’ve been thinking that the right has once again hijacked the conversation without our realizing it. This time, it’s on Social Security. The right assumes a libertarian stance and we don’t argue… Continue reading

Debates with Wingnut Horowitz

David Horowitz and his Front Page Magazine have been taking on left-wing academics in a series of online debates. The first was Michael Berube of Penn State. The third will be with Timothy… Continue reading

Pie-ing Horowitz

Though I’ve never thought that hitting someone in the face with a pie is particularly effective, I must take note of pie victim David Horowitz’s statement that There’s a wave of violence on… Continue reading