Benefit of the Doubt

In an odd way, people of faith–be it in a god or in a political system (from right and left, in other words)–have emasculated many of us liberals over the past century, ripping… Continue reading

Deconstructing Horowitz

After months of reading and writing about him, I think I am finally beginning to understand the mindset of David Horowitz, a rightist so extraordinarily dedicated to the destruction of the left. Though… Continue reading

Word Play

The right, of course, plays fast and loose with vocabulary. Words like “Marxist,” “socialist,” “communist,” “Stalinist,” “traitor,” and “terrorist” are often used interchangeably, thereby muddying whatever issue happens to be under consideration. When… Continue reading

The Sermon on the Mount

One of the things that has bothered me most about present-day fundamentalists is their almost complete abandonment of The Sermon on the Mount. To me, this is the heart of the teachings of… Continue reading

Horowitz and the Academic Bill of (No) Rights

Sure, there are problems with academia; we all know that, if we have been anywhere near a college or university over the past decades. But they are not ones that can be solved… Continue reading

Dear Adam Cohen

I sent this to Adam Cohen of The New York Times: Dear Adam Cohen: How much have you really explored the worlds of blogs? Not much, given your “Editorial Observer” column in today’s… Continue reading

Oh, Soupy Sales! (A Last Word on Pies)

Pompous? Overbearing? Smug? You are? Well, a pie in your face will quickly bring you down to a human level—and will tell the rest of us a great deal about you. If you… Continue reading

Let’s Be Blunt

Let me start out by saying that I am not being completely fair, here. But fairness is not my point—warning is. The danger, I believe, is quite real, details notwithstanding. What do we… Continue reading

The Tyranny of the Majority

Bill Frist argues that democracy is voting, and that the filibuster is then inherently anti-democratic. He should know better. After all, as a Princeton graduate he should have at least a passing familiarity… Continue reading

NASCAR AFter Forty Years

Last night, I surprised myself by watching Kurt Busch win the Subway Fresh 500, a NASCAR race in Phoenix. It’s not that I’m some sort of “eastern liberal elite” who looks down on… Continue reading