The DVD Revolution: Movies, Culture, and Technology



Dusty and Aaron at Shakespeare’s Sister 

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

The first I heard of the argument that Terri Schiavo was not in a persistent vegetative state was on Focus-on-the-Family’s James Dotson’s radio show.  That was about three weeks ago.  I thought it… Continue reading

Gannon and Horowitz

In her dKos post today on Jeff Gannon/James Guckert, SusanG writes “We are a country that’s been stretched to the breaking point with lies.” Recently, I have been exploring David Horowitz’s sites for… Continue reading

What David (Horowitz) Doesn’t Understand

In an article for his Front Page Magazine, titled ”Why Michael Can’t Read,” David Horowitz tells me, a leftist since earliest I can remember, why I believe as I do. The title of… Continue reading

Limiting Academic Freedom in Florida

As we have seen, the right often cloaks attempts to limit rights in the guise of establishing them. Dennis Baxley, a member of the Florida House, has introduced a bill that, he claims,… Continue reading

The Distant Echo of Jack-Boots?

Probably not, but enough has been going on recently to give me pause. As a college professor, I have naturally been following the brouhaha surrounding remarks by Ward Churchill, Professor of Ethnic Studies… Continue reading

It May Be Idiocy, But It Sure Ain’t New

This last weekend’s bill on Schiavo astonished me. And more: the image of Bush flying back to sign it–fleeing his own past where he had signed a Texas bill allowing hospitals to decide… Continue reading

Oh, what a tangled we

we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Sir Walter Scott’s bad poetry? Sure. And didn’t Al Franken say it all on the subject anyhow? Probably. But I can’t stay away from the… Continue reading

Thoreau on Schiavo

The right to life trumps the right to privacy? Since when did we have a hierarchy of rights? I thought all rights were created equal, so to speak. There’s something extremely confusing and… Continue reading