Commission For Africa Report

From the Introduction to the report: Our starting point was the recognition that Africa must drive its own development.  Rich nations should support that… Right… and if Africa is ever going to stand… Continue reading

Surprise! Hypocrisy From "Focus on the Family"

Not a big one, but emblematic: Yesterday, during an interview with Mel Gibson, James Dobson referred scathingly to critics of Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ who spoke without having first seen the… Continue reading

"Gannon" on Counterbias

A number of things Guckert said in relation to Counterbias’s softball questions make comment almost too easy: What would liberal bloggers do next that they could have any influence on? Character assassination and… Continue reading

Bush: Getting Credit Where Credit May Not Be Due

Listening to so many who opposed the Iraq war, like NPR’s Daniel Schorr, now saying that Bush may have been right, that his invasion of Iraq may have opened the door to democracy… Continue reading

Why Be Honest?

This may be old hat to most of you, but it bears repeating: From Plato to Leo Strauss and his neo-con children, the idea of the ‘noble lie’ has had a terrible fascination… Continue reading

The Spirit giveth life (to the blogs)

There’s a Quaker statement from 1656 that, I think, says something important to us diarists and bloggers: “these things we do not lay upon you as a rule or form to walk by,… Continue reading

On Being Left Behind

Sometimes, the legacy of the New Critics gets the best of me, and I end up getting carried away with a close reading.  That’s happened today with “no child left behind” and the… Continue reading

Christianity and the Ego

My understanding of the teachings of Jesus is that he encouraged people to believe and act for the love of God.  Their own salvation was not so much a goal but a reward.… Continue reading

Objects and Objectivity

“Split the difference”: that’s what passes, more and more, for objectivity. One person takes one position, another an opposing on. The truth, the crier for ‘objectivity’ pleads, must be somewhere in the middle.… Continue reading

Over the Bridge

Over the Bridge This morning, for the first time since the 11th, my dog and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. An important occasion for me, it brought me back to the grandest… Continue reading