Christianity and the Ego

My understanding of the teachings of Jesus is that he encouraged people to believe and act for the love of God.  Their own salvation was not so much a goal but a reward.… Continue reading

Objects and Objectivity

“Split the difference”: that’s what passes, more and more, for objectivity. One person takes one position, another an opposing on. The truth, the crier for ‘objectivity’ pleads, must be somewhere in the middle.… Continue reading

Over the Bridge

Over the Bridge This morning, for the first time since the 11th, my dog and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. An important occasion for me, it brought me back to the grandest… Continue reading

Memories of WTC

Memories of WTC Last spring, while I was buying an Italian ice on the corner of Chambers and Greenwich, a woman walked up to me and asked, “Where is the World Trade Center?”… Continue reading

A Goodbye

A Goodbye Shortly after we opened Shakespeare’s Sister, a brother and sister opened a restaurant, Kalio, a few doors down from us. I never really got to know GA, who stayed in the… Continue reading

In Memoriam

In Memoriam As I walked from teaching in Brooklyn Heights this morning, someone said that one of the World Trade Center towers had collapsed. We had heard the sirens in class; a couple… Continue reading