Debate cartoon by Isaac Cruikshank

Primary Debates: It’s Time to Stop the Idiocy and Get Serious

What is wrong with our Democratic candidates? In Las Vegas on Wednesday night, three Democratic primary candidates, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, could do no more than try to drag down the others. Two, Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden, stood there contributing little. And one, Bernie Sanders, simply said what he has said … Continue reading Primary Debates: It’s Time to Stop the Idiocy and Get Serious

White Supremacist and opponent

Reducing White Supremacy

Back when I was a drunk, everything was always someone else’s fault. Eventually, I discovered, with Jimmy Buffett, that it was “my own damn fault.” Once I accepted that, I could get sober and build something out of the ruins. I no longer had to be destructive….   Denial of responsibility, the flip side of … Continue reading Reducing White Supremacy

Eric Hoffer in the Oval Office--During Lyndon Johnson's presidency

Overcoming the Travesty of Belief

The outrages foisted on the United States by a belligerent minority defy belief. Nothing we've experienced prepared us for what is happening now. Though the above was said, pre-Trump, by the right, it is we in the real, inclusive majority (a majority that, unfortunately, doesn't cohere as Trump's new  Republicans do) who are facing the … Continue reading Overcoming the Travesty of Belief

Presence: Hope and 21st Century American Academia

I've collected quite a number of my blog posts on higher education into a single volume. It can be purchased through either as a paperback or for Kindle. Get if from CUNY Academic Works or it can be downloaded from It is free in both cases, and free to distribute. Why get this … Continue reading Presence: Hope and 21st Century American Academia