The Mistake of Race in the Pandemic

When we moved back to Atlanta in 1961 after most of a decade in Ohio and Indiana, I noticed a racial divide that bothered me then and has bothered me ever since. Suddenly, all of the people doing household and service chores were black. There were no white landscapers and many more of our neighbors … Continue reading The Mistake of Race in the Pandemic

Hard As Kerosene, Revised Edition

Taking place in West Africa (in Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo) in the 1980s, Hard As Kersene is the story of four years away from home for a young American. It contains war and tragedy and alcoholism. When I first published Hard As Kersene, I did it without much editing and in a chapter order that, … Continue reading Hard As Kerosene, Revised Edition

Desk with elecronic devices

Online Course Preparation with the Student in Mind

I've been shocked by how little so many of my colleagues know about teaching online. I'm no expert, but it's something I've done in a number of contexts for a decade and a half. Here are some of my suggestions for teachers suddenly thrown into online teaching without preparation who are now looking at its … Continue reading Online Course Preparation with the Student in Mind

Food delivery trucks in Brooklyn.


One of the common elements of my dog walks over the last month has been the food trucks. Of course, they have always been there, but their numbers have not diminished while most other traffic has. There are the big sixteen-wheelers bringing nourishment from outside to supermarkets and wholesalers. There are the smaller delivery trucks … Continue reading Food