By Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909, artist - Library of CongressCatalog: download: url:, Public Domain,

Who Coddles Whom?

As he is not a teacher, not really, New York Times pundit David Brooks is able to accuse the higher GPA of English classes as opposed to Premed classes of being involved with “coddling.” If the grades are higher, students must be getting less out of the class. It’s too easy. Brooks writes from the … Continue reading Who Coddles Whom?

USS Theodore Roosevelt

But Is It Literature?

“I thought it was terrible what he did, to write a letter. This isn’t a class on literature. This is a captain of a massive ship that’s nuclear-powered,” Trump said at a news briefing Saturday evening. “The letter was a five-page letter from a captain, and the letter was all over the place. That’s not … Continue reading But Is It Literature?

Debate cartoon by Isaac Cruikshank

Primary Debates: It’s Time to Stop the Idiocy and Get Serious

What is wrong with our Democratic candidates? In Las Vegas on Wednesday night, three Democratic primary candidates, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, could do no more than try to drag down the others. Two, Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden, stood there contributing little. And one, Bernie Sanders, simply said what he has said … Continue reading Primary Debates: It’s Time to Stop the Idiocy and Get Serious