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Blowhards and News Clowns: Can They Learn to Win?

In a post on August 4, 2016, I posited Donald Trump as Indiana Jones faced with a scimitar-twirling attacker (his Republican primary opponents). He, of course, pulls out a pistol and shoots the attacker dead. Someone in the crowd (Hilary Clinton?) picks up the dropped scimitar and runs off with it, thinking they have a … Continue reading Blowhards and News Clowns: Can They Learn to Win?

“I Love a Parade”

On Bastille Day in 1965, I was a 13-year-old in Paris. On our way home from a year living in Thailand, my family was staying in the apartment of a college friend of my father's (his family was staying in their "country house" an hour or so from the city). My father's friend arranged for … Continue reading “I Love a Parade”

Mount Vernon in America Today

Can we maintain adoration when our beloved is stripped of aspiration, only flaws remaining? That's what I've been asking, these past weeks, and I am getting more and more depressed that I have spent a lifetime besotted by a racist patriarchy that I once believed, with all my heart, was capable of growing into the … Continue reading Mount Vernon in America Today

Trump: “A Shattered Visage Lies”

“Round the decay/Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare/The lone and level sands stretch far away.” So ends Shelley’s “Ozymandias.” It shouldn’t be surprising to hear those lines quoted this weekend as Donald Trump collapses into his own wreck. What too few are contemplating, unfortunately, are those “lone and level” sands that come with the … Continue reading Trump: “A Shattered Visage Lies”

The News Media, Trumped

As anyone should know by now, the American news media shoulder a great deal of the blame for the success of Donald Trump. Though some outlets, like The New York Times, are now trying to atone, they still can’t help continuing to enable him: witness the recent puff piece on Trump’s daughter Tiffany. Trump sells, … Continue reading The News Media, Trumped

The Age of the Crap Artist

Some years ago, we arrived at the age of the “news clown.” It’s the age of realization of characters such as Philip K. Dick’s once fictional newscaster Jim-Jam Brisken, someone who runs for president in a flaming red wig. But we’re past that, now. No, not past Philip K. Dick; we’ve simply moved to another … Continue reading The Age of the Crap Artist

Tellin’ It Like It Is: Politics and Donald Trump’s Language

[Photo by Marc Nozell -, CC BY 2.0, ] [For a 2019 continuation, click here.] When Indiana Jones, played by Donald Trump, shoots the Cairo Swordsman (with Jeb Bush and a bunch of other Republicans in the role), someone in the crowd (Hillary Clinton) grabs the dropped scimitar, raises it high and runs … Continue reading Tellin’ It Like It Is: Politics and Donald Trump’s Language

The Disease of the Lie and the Slur

The current revulsion toward the disease of Donald Trump, perhaps best characterized (by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship) as “a virus infecting our politics and right now… flourishing with a scarlet heat,” has long been an American infection apparent in United States history. It’s a virus, we all know, with but one goal, winning, even … Continue reading The Disease of the Lie and the Slur