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Blowhards and News Clowns: Can They Learn to Win?

In a post on August 4, 2016, I posited Donald Trump as Indiana Jones faced with a scimitar-twirling attacker (his Republican primary opponents). He, of course, pulls out a pistol and shoots the attacker dead. Someone in the crowd (Hilary Clinton?) picks up the dropped scimitar and runs off with it, thinking they have a … Continue reading Blowhards and News Clowns: Can They Learn to Win?

Politics and Journalists’ Language

Why does journalism continue to fail so completely in its coverage of the outrages of Trump and the new age of American politics? Why does its language continue to provide cover for radical change, making it seem as if it’s simply business as usual? Why don’t reporters change the words they use when describing a … Continue reading Politics and Journalists’ Language